The Farm

Silvana Prosperi’s farm was first established in 1980 and since 1998 has grown certified organic produce famous to the tablelands of Colfiorito such as lentils, spelt, chickpeas, beans and the reknowned red potato. Situated 900 metres above sea level, this area is ideal for the cultivation of our natural products.
After a rigorous testing process, Silvana Prosperi’s organic produce has been certified by the authority controlling organic farm production “Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione”. This certification guarantees that natural growth stimulants such as good earth, sun and pure water rather than pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in the cultivation of these products. Silvana Prosperi’s natural range of pulses and grains offer the best choice in organic farm produce just like we used to enjoy in the good old days. Arial view of the tablelands of ”Colfiorito”. In the background you can see “Forcatura”